Sunday 3/1  7pm - 10pm
The Andy Westcott Band

The Andy Westcott Band features four incredibly talentedmusicians in Andy Westcott, Rick Fusco, Henry Lysy, andHiram Garzaro. Andy Westcott is a world class guitaristas well as a brilliant singer and songwriter. Westcottcan play any style of music and often does. His sets willinclude Country, Funk, Classic Rock, Contemporary Rock,and Blues. Definitely one of the most talented musiciansin Key West, Westcott is also a fun loving, good spiritedentertainer. Fusco is an exceptional guitarist andvocalist. Lysy is a fantastic bassist. Garzaro is aphenomenal drummer and vocalist.This is a MUST SEE band!!!

Join us for live music every night
on the Billy O'Rourke Stage.


**Monday 3/16**


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*Appearing This Week*

**Sunday 3/15**
Larry Baeder and Terri White

**Thursday 3/19**


**Tuesday 3/17**


**Wednesday 3/18**

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*Friday 3/20**


**Saturday 3/21**
Rachel Grace and the
Southernmost Blues Band


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