Smoked Chicken Wings: (8) 12.95
Choice of sauce: Buffalo, Mango Habanero, Maple BBQ glaze, Carolina Mustard Sauce, or Bourbon BBQ Sauce.
If you want, we’ll even toss them in our dry rub.

Potato Skins: 5.95
Your choice - Bacon & Cheddar or Pork & Cheddar

Fried Mac n Cheese Bites: 5.95
The Dirty Pig’s homemade mac n cheese portioned into small bites, breaded with Italian seasoning and fried so it’s soft and cheesy on the inside and crispy on the

Fatties: 6.95
Sage breakfast sausage smoked and sliced into patties.  Not only do they get a pretty smoke ring on them, but they pack a lot of flavor.  You’ll wonder why anyone would cook it any other way.

Brisket Burnt Ends: 12.95

Sliders: (3)
Pulled Pork: 8.95   Brisket: 9.95  
Pork Tenderloin: 8.95


Comes with a free cookie...

Chicken Tenders: with a side of french fries.

Corn Dog: with a side of french fries.

Slider: with a side of french fries.
moked pork tenderloin, sausage, pulled pork, brisket, or turkey.

Mac n Cheese:  Homemade mac n cheese and a side of french fries


Caesar Salad: 8.95
The classic - Crisp romaine lettuce, seasoned croutons,
Caesar dressing and parmesan cheese.  
Try it with smoked turkey on top - add 3.95

BBQ Salad: 12.95
A great mix of salad greens, Roma tomato, carrots, red onion, red cabbage, seasoned croutons and your choice of dressing and your choice of smoked pulled pork or smoked turkey on top.

Southern Fried Chicken Salad: 12.95
Same great mix of salad greens with Roma tomato, red onion, carrot, red cabbage and seasoned croutons, but this time there is shredded cheddar and bite sized chunks of fried chicken on top!

Chef’s Salad: 16.95
Double smoked ham, smoked turkey, tomato, red onion, carrots, crumbled blue cheese, hard boiled egg all piled onto a bed of mixed salad greens with your choice of dressing.


All Sides 4.50
Side Salad      Side Caesar
Mac n Cheese    Potato Salad    Coleslaw
Bacon Mashed Potato    Grilled Veggies     
French Fries    Collard Greens    Baked Beans

BBQ Potato Chip: 1.50
These BBQ chips are simply outstanding. 
There is very little at The Dirty Pig that isn’t made from scratch. We admit it,
we can’t make a better chip than these.


Basic Pulled Pork Sandwich: 12.95
A heaping portion of smoked pulled pork on a fresh toasted kaiser bun. It’s perfect for putting one of our homemade sauces on. We’ll
put some slices of bread and butter pickle
next to it in case you like them and let you choose a side dish.

N.C. Pulled Pork Sandwich: 12.95
From the butcher’s paper up - Bottom of the bun, pulled pork, homemade Eastern North Carolina spices vinegar sauce, coleslaw, top of the bun.  It’s not a secret how they do it there.  This style of sandwich has been around for a long time for a reason!  

Pulled Pork and Sausage Sandwich: 13.95
The sandwich is pulled pork and smoked sausage on a toasted kaiser bun.  You’ll be in hog heaven with this one!
(See what I did there?)

Smoked Turkey Sandwich: 13.95
Tender juicy smoked turkey sliced thick with lettuce, tomato, and onion on a toasted kaiser bun.  Sauce it however you like.  

Brisket Sandwich: 13.95
The Dirty Pigs delicious smoked brisket piled on a toasted kaiser bun.  You can put sauce on it, but we don’t think it needs much help.


Smoked Tenderloin Sandwich: 13.95
It doesn’t get more tender than this! 
Smoked pork tenderloin on a toasted kaiser bun.  We’ll put some lettuce, tomato, and red onion next to it in case you’re into that stuff on your sandwich.

Shrimp Po’ Boy: 14.95
We soaked jumbo shrimp in Dan’s super secret marinade before we put it in the smoker, then we found the best fresh hoagie bun around and slathered it with our homemade remoulade sauce like they do in New Orleans where the Po’Boy was invented.  The shrimp are placed on a bed of shredded lettuce and then topped with tomato and red onion.

Barbecuban: 13.95
The Dirty Pig’s spin on a cuban sandwich.  Shredded lettuce, double smoked ham, smoked pulled pork, Swiss cheese, pickle, and mustard all piled on a cuban bread hoagie bun.

Smoked Sausage Sandwich: 12.95
Smoked sausage sliced and stacked up on a toasted kaiser bun.  The Dirty Pig’s bourbon barbecue sauce is really good on this sandwich, bu you can put whichever sauce you’d like on it.

BBQ Burger: 13.95
This one is a 7 ounce burger with pulled pork on top!  We even put fried onion straws and bourbon barbecue sauce on top of the pork! It comes on a toasted kaiser bun.  We’ll put lettuce, tomato, red onion, and pickle next to it for good measure.  If you want, our cook will melt some cheddar or Swiss cheese on top of the burger for you for an additional 50 cents.

All Sandwiches come with choice of a side

Dinner Plates come with your choice of 2 sides
and a fresh baked cornbread muffin

BBQ Plate is a heaping mound of a third of a pound of meat.   
Choose: Pulled Pork, Smoked Turkey, Smoked Pork Tenderloin,
Brisket, Smoked Sausage

Pulled Pork: 15.95
Maple rubbed and Hickory Smoked until it is tender and delicious.

Turkey: 14.95
Smoked until golden brown on the surface, but delicate and juicy on the inside with a pretty pink smoke ring.  We think you’ll love the way our turkey takes on a subtle smokiness in our bbq pit.

Pork Tenderloin: 15.95
The tenderloin is like the filet mignon of the pig.  It doesn’t need much help to be delectable, so we don’t get too fancy with it.  Each one gets covered in rub, smoked to impart another layer of flavor, then sliced to show off the beautiful ring the smoke puts on it.  After that we just serve it up for you to enjoy.

Fatty: 14.95
We take a log of sage sausage, roll it in rub, toss it into our hickory fired pit, and then slice it into sausage patties.


Two Meat BBQ Plate: 19.95
with a quarter pound each
of two different meats

The Real Pig Plate: 26.95
 It’s a third of a pound each
of three different meats

St. Louis Cut Spare Ribs: 1/2 Rack 16.95   Full Rack 26.95  
Ala Carte 1/2 Rack 12.95

Maple rubbed and Hickory Smoked until it is tender and delicious.  You almost don’t need teeth for this stuff!

Some love for our
vegetarian and vegan friends

Veggie Burger: 12.95
Our house made black bean based burger is packed with flavor.  We didn’t want to stick you with the same old frozen patty that everyone puts on their menu, so we came up with our own well seasoned version of a veggie burger.  It’s grilled to put a nice crust on
it and served on a vegan whole wheat bun.  It gets topped with some shredded red cabbage and we’ll put some lettuce, tomato, and red onion next to it in case you’d like it
on your burger.  Our sauces are all vegetarian, but the mustard sauce
and the mango habanero are not vegan.  You can chose a side to have with
your veggie burger.

Smoked Lentil Sloppy Joe: 12.95
We start by smoking our lentils and then add sautéed onion
and finely shredded carrot and seasonings along with our vegan barbecue sauce.  By the time the mixture hits our toasted vegan whole wheat bun and gets topped with shredded cabbage,it’s a work of true smoked food art!
The sandwich comes with your choice of a side dish.

Jackfruit Pulled Pork Sandwich: 14.95
This jackfruit based “pulled pork” sandwich is seasoned and then sautéed in our vegan barbecue sauce.  It’s served atop a toasted vegan whole wheat bun with shredded red cabbage on top.
You get your choice of a side dish with it.



Kimmy Sue’s Carrot Cake: 5.95
A slice of Carrot Cake improves your eyesight. Double layer cake with cream cheese flavored buttercream frosting & garnished with chopped walnuts along the border. *contains walnuts

Aunt Phyliss’ Blonde Brownies: 5.95
A dessert bar with chocolate chips, like a brownie. But, vanilla rather than chocolate. Growing up we loved these. We think you will too

Southern Most Butter Pecan Cake: 5.95
Try a slice of this cake! Double layer cake with a Brown Sugar buttercream frosting & garnished with chopped pecans. *Contains pecans

Brownie: 4.95
Hot or cold, you can never go wrong with a brownie (especially if you can get it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream)?

Chocolate Bourbon Cake: 5.95  *Made with Key West Smuggler Company Bourbon Whiskey*
Chocolate, Bourbon & Salted Caramel....Whaaa!?! This double layer cake is covered with a salted caramel buttercream frosting & then topped off with salted caramel oozing off the side. * Salted caramel made In-House

Beignets: 4.95
Looking for something not as sweet? These are for you. Lightly sweetened pastry puffs fried then covered with powdered sugar. Salted caramel or chocolate sauce. (Additional cost - $.50)

Cookies: (3) 2.95
Who doesn’t like cookies? Get 3 cookies of your choice &
why not have a cup of coffee or a glass of milk. Enjoy!
(Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip,
Sugar or Snickerdoodle)

Cannolis: 3.95
Ricotta Cheese, Vanilla & Chocolate Chips in a yummy Cannoli shell. Chocolate drizzled on top & sprinkled with powdered sugar to finish.

Kermit’s Key Lime Pie: 4.95

** For upcoming Birthdays, let us know a day ahead of time & order a “Dirty Pig “ Birthday cake.
This “Dirty Pig “ themed cake is a piggy enjoying a milk chocolate mud bath (melted chocolate) and detailed with marshmallow fondant. Your choice of cake & frosting flavor. Serves 6 (Fondant covered & Buttercream covered with fondant details available. Can be customized to be for a male or female)

We also do custom cakes & other baked goods for other events outside of the restaurant.
Weddings, Holidays, Special Occasions & Birthdays.
Go to the following website and fill out a submission form for custom cake estimates:
Or send a message to Crumb Snatcher Cakes on Facebook:
Business cards are available upon request.