Welcome to
The Dirty Pig offering
Key West (and it's visitors)authentic smoked BBQ,
baked fresh daily desserts and nightly Live Music.

We Won...!!!
Thank you to all

who voted and support
The Dirty Pig..!!

Join us for live music every night on the Billy O'Rourke Stage.
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for full schedule

**Appearing This Week**

Key West recently lost one of
it's most beloved citizens,
Bev Blue,wife of Bill Blue,
one of our most beloved musicians.
Both have meant so much to all us.
Let's so some love to Bill.
Help him, if you can, with some
of the costs related to Bev's
A gofundme page has been

set up by friends and family

Monday-Friday 11am-4pm
Only $10.95

Your choice of
Cheeseburger, Pulled Pork Sandwich, or Shredded Brisket Sandwich with either Fries or BBQ potato chips


Bowl of Tater Tots - $5
Cheeseburger w/ Tater Tots - $5Chicken Tender w/ Tater Tots - $5
Pulled Pork Sandwick w/ Tater Tots - $53 Rib app w/ Mashed potatoes - $10Brisket Tater Nachos - $10
Slice of Carrot Cake - $5

The Dirty Pig are proud to use local
Key West Smugglers Bourbon whiskey
for all of it's sauces and desserts

After dinner enjoy one of our daily
house made desserts...
Kimmy Sue's Carrot Cake,
Butter Pecan Cake or maybe some Chocolate Bourbon Cake made with Key West Smuggler's Bourbon Whiskey

Celebrate your
birthday at the Pig
Order one of our
Dirty Pig cakes

**Wednesday 8/14**
Bobby D and the Dirty White Boys

**Tuesday 8/13**
Ericson Holt and Mick Kilgos

They're saying some nice things about us

**Friday 8/16**
McKinley's Cab

**Monday 8/12**
The Happy Dog

**Sunday 8/11**
Bill Blue and Larry Baeder

**Thursday 8/15**
Rachel Grace and the
Southernmost Blues Band

**Saturday 8/17**
Barry Cuda and Mick Kilgos


for photos of the great
talent playing at
The Dirty Pig

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