Smoked Chicken Wings: (8) 12.95
Choice of sauce: Buffalo, Mango Habanero, Maple BBQ glaze, Carolina Mustard Sauce, or Bourbon BBQ Sauce.
If you want, we’ll even toss them in our dry rub.

Potato Skins: 5.95
Your choice - Bacon & Cheddar or Pork & Cheddar

Fried Mac n Cheese Bites: 5.95
The Dirty Pig’s homemade mac n cheese portioned into small bites, breaded with Italian seasoning and fried so it’s soft and cheesy on the inside and crispy on the

Fatties: 6.95
Sage breakfast sausage smoked and sliced into patties.  Not only do they get a pretty smoke ring on them, but they pack a lot of flavor.  You’ll wonder why anyone would cook it any other way.

Brisket Burnt Ends: 12.95

Sliders: (3)
Pulled Pork: 8.95   Brisket: 9.95  
Pork Tenderloin: 8.95


Caesar Salad: 8.95
The classic - Crisp romaine lettuce, seasoned croutons,
Caesar dressing and parmesan cheese.  
Try it with smoked turkey on top - add 3.95

BBQ Salad: 12.95
A great mix of salad greens, Roma tomato, carrots, red onion, red cabbage, seasoned croutons and your choice of dressing and your choice of smoked pulled pork or smoked turkey on top.

Southern Fried Chicken Salad: 12.95
Same great mix of salad greens with Roma tomato, red onion, carrot, red cabbage and seasoned croutons, but this time there is shredded cheddar and bite sized chunks of fried chicken on top!

Chef’s Salad: 16.95
Double smoked ham, smoked turkey, tomato, red onion, carrots, crumbled blue cheese, hard boiled egg all piled onto a bed of mixed salad greens with your choice of dressing.


All Sides 4.50
Side Salad      Side Caesar
Mac n Cheese    Potato Salad    Coleslaw
Bacon Mashed Potato    Grilled Veggies     
French Fries    Collard Greens    Baked Beans

BBQ Potato Chip: 1.50
These BBQ chips are simply outstanding. 
There is very little at The Dirty Pig that isn’t made from scratch. We admit it,
we can’t make a better chip than these.

The Dirty Pig   320 Grinnell St.  Key West, Fl    305-916-5106

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